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We saddle up Ford’s SA-bound Mustang for a canter through LA in the US.

We also try on three of the country’s newest, most exciting sports coupes to determine which of these – Alfa 4C, BMW M4 and Toyota 86 Ltd – is SA’s best driver’s car.

And you have a chance to win one of two of 2015′s hottest new sports cars!

First drives:
Apart from the Mustang, we also try out Peugeot-Citroen’s Hybrid Air and, on home soil, Lamborghini’s Huracan and Merc’s SL400. We also try out the next Audi TTS, which you can win! Click to vote for the world’s best cars and add your name to the draw

Road tests:
Subaru WRX STi Subaru’s second four-wheeled lap record at the 2014 Isle of Man TT was a publicity stunt par excellence, but does the feat mean the new WRX STi is an awe-inspiring road car?
Renault Megane GT Turbo Despite its innocuous styling riffs, this Megane is a seriously precise driving tool delivering similar levels of performance and handling finesse to that of the race-bred Megane RS – all at a much cheaper price point.

Featured this month:
Jaguar XE Last time Jaguar went for the 3 Series it ended horribly, and the scars remain. But the aluminium XE is no X-Type
Jaguar Special Operations – F-Type Project 7 and E-Type Lightweight This is Jaguar’s strategy in a microcosm: on the left a hardcore F-Type, on the right a perfect recreation of the E-Type. Is heritage the key to unlock brand success?
Eight reasons why the Mercedes-AMG GT will scare Porsche. You can win a Mercedes-AMG GT S! Click to vote for the world’s best cars and add your name to the draw
The F1 architect Hermann Tilke designed half the tracks on the current F1 calendar. In an exclusive interview he talks about his work, the drivers who advise him, his deal with Bernie and why he thought his first track would be his last
Chain smokers Five of the world’s best drifters gather in Cape Town, commandeer a BMW M235i each and start smoking. We go behind the scenes, very sideways, on the seat of BMW’s Drift Mob event

Agenda: Page 10
First look at the next Mazda MX-5; goodbye Freelander, hello Land Rover Discovery Sport; the juice on the RenaultSport R.S01 track racer; Mercedes-AMG C63 unwrapped, Citroen’s posh Divine concept and many more from the Paris motor show

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First drive: Page 28
Most people come to Hollywood with dreams of making it big in showbiz. We’re in the city of dreams for another reason; to drive a car that’s as much a pop culture icon as it is an automotive one.

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Rules of engagement: Page 76
The Alfa Romeo 4C, BMW M4 and Toyota 86 Limited Edition are three of the most exciting sports cars currently available in South Africa, but which of the three is the ultimate driver’s tool? A thorough test on road and track will provide the answer

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Desert duel: Page 94
Ford’s Ranger Odyssey is more than just a journey into the peregrine, it’s a journey of off-roading discover much like a modern Camel Trophy. We went along for part of the ride

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Out of the darkness: Page 100
After years hidden in Ford’s shadow, Mazda has reemerged in South Africa as an independent company under the direction of Mazda Japan. Revitalised, and spearheaded by a strong new product offensive, the brand is ready to regain lost ground.

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