How TopCar Fights Against Plagiarism

Plagiarism exists. You see those amassed by the reference site on plagiarism counterfeiting can be seen anyehwere on the web and also in the academic community. Duplicate content, which is plagiarized, is a real sore for the natural referencing of your website or blog, in addition to being able to tarnish your reputation if you offer plagiarized content even unintentionally.

Hence the interest to verify that your texts are not too similar to others, but also to ensure that no one plagiarized your contents: a good practice SEO in Web copywriting.

Fortunately for you, there are various free anti-plagiarism software that you can use to fight the duplicate content.

Free but limited anti-plagiarism tools

Here are some free recommended tools (in descending order of performance on French) following a personal test on a document that I was submitted for verification:

  • PlagScan
  • Plagium
  • Website
  • The basic quick tool, as soon as we have a doubt. But which allows neither exhaustiveness nor to check large masses of text.

I encourage you to copy and paste yourself big excerpts from a document in these tools to make you your own idea.

Professional anti-plagiarism tools

Other recommended and more powerful tools exist but pay (in descending order of reputation for efficiency on French documents):

  • Urkund
  • IThenticate
  • ArticleChecker

To go further

The team at TopCar loves to bring all sorts of people together, to form a sense of community where people can express and share their appreciation of cars. That’s why it’s our team’s greatest pleasure to bring our readers high quality reviews and articles that they can immerse themselves in. We have to give a shout out to our amazing Online Plagiarism Checker which ensures that all of our submissions are authentic and up to par. We look forward to expanding our publishing as well as our fan base.


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