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The Origins of Motorsports

Motorsports can officially trace their lineage back to the 1890s. In 1894, the French newspaper Le Petite Journal organized the first ever horseless carriage race from Paris to Rouen.

The first-place winner of the race ended up being one Jules-Albert, who either finished the race in 6h and 48m or 5h and 40m, depending on the source. Regardless, this is widely considered the first-ever official automotive event and would inspire the creation of the Gordon Bennet Cup some 6 years later.

From 1900 onward, motorsports rapidly managed to gain the public’s eye. They became so popular that they were even present during the 1900 Summer Olympics as a demonstration event.

World War I was a major turning point for the sport, as the animosity of the war made it impossible to host such events. After the war, two currents sort of developed. One was circuit racing, which primarily took hold in Europe, and the other was rallies, which were more prevalent in America.

Top Racing Categories

Since their inception, motorsport organizers have come up with new and creative ways to test the latest vehicles and push their drivers to their limits. The first races were simple from point A to point B, but many different racing categories have been created since then.

Formula 1, for example, which is one of the most popular race types, if not the most popular. Drag races are another big one, primarily in Japan. With over 30 races per season, NASCAR is the sole racing category that is infamous in the US. Rallies are also remarkably popular, especially the notorious Dakar rally.

Red Formula 1 Car

Formula 1

Formula 1 is arguably the most popular racing championship of all time. The best Formula 1 races have singlehandedly managed to attract millions of viewers, and yet, many people are still ignorant to the origins of the organization.

The “formula” part in Formula One refers to the rules drivers agreed to adhere to back in 1946. 1946 wasn’t the year the rules would be formalized. That would occur four years later in 1950, when the official rules of the World Championship were established, and have largely remained the same to this very day.

The reason fans keep coming back to F1 Championships is that they offer a showcase of the latest in open-wheeled single-seater car technology, with drivers hand-picked to operate those marvels of modern technology. A combination that creates some of the most intense and heart-racing moments possible.

To truly enjoy Formula One, you have to immerse yourself in the drivers and their teams, their stories, and the challenges they overcome with each tourney. It’s the journey from no-name racers to legends of the sport that grasps our hearts, as that’s how you get the Michael Schumachers and Max Verstappens.

Red NASCAR Car Racing


NASCAR, which stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is undeniably the US’s favorite motorsport, and for a good reason, too, as it’s heavily ingrained within its history.

The history of NASCAR began during the Prohibition era when bootleggers needed fast, agile, and spacious cars to distribute their products while evading the police, who were usually hot on their tails.

In the decades following the Prohibition, the practice was converted into a motorsport, with the first official race taking place in 1947 at the North Wilkesboro Speedway.

Since then, NASCAR has developed into the sport that we all know and love, with its crazy high-octane antics and its monumental events that draw people from all across the country.

It’s a sport that separates the true petrolheads from the phoneys, the characters that are willing to put in the extra work and go the extra mile to achieve their dreams. And that’s the true essence of a sportsman.

Kart Cars on Racing Track

Kart Racing

Kart racing or Karting is often referred to as the baby’s motorsport, but that’s far from the truth and hardly fair. Art Ingels created Kart racing in the 1950s when he tried to experiment with a design that would be lightweight and affordable while still maintaining the high-speed performance of regular motorsport vehicles.

And thus how kart racing came into being. Moreover, it didn’t just come into being; it caused a global stir as it quickly rose in popularity and became one of the most popular motorsports, particularly in Europe.

Since then, kart racing has largely remained the same. It’s a great way to introduce people to motorsports, as it’s relatively easy to get into and way more affordable than other motorsports.

Karting tracks can be found at most carnivals nowadays, a testament to their popularity. They’re a fan favorite among younger generations and older generations alike. While it is true that these tracks aren’t the “real deal”, they’re still an accurate enough experience to get you hooked on actual kart racing.

Rally Car Racing


Rallying is one of the oldest forms of motorsports, and it’s largely remained unchanged. All you have to do is get from point A to point B. The difference lies in the conditions surrounding the race.

Endurance rallies are races that span hundreds and even thousands of kilometers and are performed over several days. Navigational tests are rallies that test your ability to navigate the terrain in a certain allotted amount of time. Rallying can even mean an assembly of cars, like the popular Gumball 3000 rally.

The real beauty of rallying lies in its versatility, meaning that everyone can find a little something to enjoy in the sport, whether it’s an endurance race or a simple automotive gathering.

The thing that makes rallying so popular is that it pushes the machines to their limits. Watching a rallying event gives you the same feeling as watching a boxing event. You’re amazed at the presentation and the ability of humans to push themselves past their boundaries or their cars in this instance.

Black Car on Drag Race

Drag Racing

Since the dawn of automotive engineering, manufacturers have been trying to outdo each other in creating the fastest, the most aerodynamic, and the most efficient vehicles possible, and drag racing offers the perfect conditions to test those vehicles.

In essence, drag racing is a timed speed race over a short straight course. Most drag races take place over ¼ mile or ⅛ mile tracks and last only a few seconds. The point of the race is simple: gain the most speed possible in the shortest time possible.

Drag racing was particularly popular in the underground scene in Japan in the 90s and 00s, but quickly faded as regulations got tighter and traffic accidents started piling up. Nowadays, it’s mostly popular among gearheads who are testing out their latest contraptions.

Still, it retains what made it popular in the first place. It’s an event where you can showcase your pride and joy, the vehicle you spent countless months and sometimes years fire-tuning to be an apex predator. An apex predator that can finally show its teeth and run free.

Best Drivers and Teams

Being the best isn’t a matter of chance. It’s proof that you’ve invested countless hours practicing your craft and optimizing every little detail of your performance. And in that regard, the following drivers & teams are the best of the best in F1.

  • Red Bull Racing – Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez
  • Ferrari – Charles Leclerc & Carlos Sainz
  • McLaren – Oscar Piastri & Land Norris
  • Mercedes – George Russell & Lewis Hamilton
  • Aston Martin – Lance Stroll & Fernando Alonso
  • RB – Daniel RIcciardo & Yuki Tsunoda
  • Haas F1 Team – Nico Hulkenberg & Kevin Magnussen
  • Williams – Alexander Albon & Logan Sargent
  • Kick Sauber – Zhou Guanyu & Valtteri Bottas
  • Alpine – Pierre Gasly & Esteban Ocon

And here are the best of the best in WRC

  • Hyundai Shell Mobis World Rally Team – Esapekk Lappi, Thierry Neuville, Dani Sordo, Ott Tanak, & Andreas Mikkelsen
  • M-Sport Ford World Rally Team – Adrien Fourmaux, Gregoire Munster, & Jourdan Serderidis
  • Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team – Lorenzo Bertelli, Elfyn Evans, Takamoto Katsuta, Sebastien Ogier, & Kalle Rovanpera

Best Car Manufacturers In The World Of Motorsports

To have an illustrious motorsports portfolio is one of the highest honors that a car manufacturer can have, and it’s something that all car manufacturers strive for. However! Motorsports is a highly competitive field, and it isn’t uncommon for even the biggest names to be unable to take the heat.

Ferrari, Mercedes & Porsche are three of the most competitive in this regard, as all three brands have been big proponents of motorsports since their creation and have been competing in one form or another.

Audi, Renault, Honda, and Ford all have their fair share of accolades in motorsports in one way or another, but for some reason, have never been able to reach the top of the peak as the big three have.

Buggati and McLaren are two more big names in the world of motorsports. Both manufacturers are rising stars in their own ways. If both continue working with the tempo they have been working with so far, then they might even dethrone one of the top three in the future.


We’re nearing the finish line, so let’s look back in the rearview mirror and see what we’ve left behind. Motorsports truly are one of the most amazing things humanity has ever come up with. Their power to unite millions of people is simply astonishing.

Everyone can find something to appreciate in motorsports, whether it is the excitement of the races themselves, the team dynamics of the most popular teams, or the fact that you can observe the latest in automotive engineering.

Whatever it is you’re looking for in Motorsports, know that you’ll be able to find it right here in Top Car Magazine, your racing partner for the latest in automotive news.