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It’s been a dream of mine to own a 1967 Mustang GT 500 since I can remember.

The debate of the Land Cruiser vs the Land Rover will not soon reach a solid conclusion. Watching the  equally brilliant YouTube videos of what both vehicles ar

I love Africa, and the whole 4×4 experience. Recently I browsed the web and came across a very helpfull website that gives users more information on their trusty 4×4 partners.


I’m currently very keen on buying the new VW Tiguan 1.4TSI 90kw.

As reported by Green Automobile Reports, the Ford Motor Co. has an image problem. It seems the public thinks Ford’s fuel economy efforts are deficient.

The South African motorist spends between R80 to R150 000 on a car if one looks at the monthly new car sales figures as published in TOPCAR magazine. and DSTV Online Petrol-head fanatics took their beloved hot hatches on the roads this weekend past in search of the ultimate mountain pass driving experiences..

Now I visit my local Mercedes agent fairly frequently, and when the service manager sees me, his face takes on that defensive ‘what now’ look. It is my fault, for I chew his ear off and won’t


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