Video: Toyota Hilux fails Swedish moose test

The Toyota Hilux, South Africa’s top-selling bakkie, has been put through the infamous evasive handling maneuver, the ‘moose test’, by Swedish publication, Teknikens Värld. And as you’ll see in the film the results aren’t great.

The test is one the publication regularly conducts and sees the bakkie fully loaded to 830kg, before it is driven to 60kph and then made to change lanes as if mimicking an emergency evasive maneuver. Despite sporting traction control, the vehicle dangerously goes onto two wheels before the driver pulls things back into line. The car ran 18-inch 265/60 tyres in the first test and while a second test wearing 17-inch 265/65 tyres was better, the bakkie still raised its inside wheel during the maneuver.

Yes, loading the vehicle fully may seem as if they’re trying to induce bad behavior but this is the maximum load permitted by the manufacturer and however unlikely, it is still a scenario that could transpire in the real world. They went on to evaluate rivals like the Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, Volkswagen Amarok and Isuzu KB and each performed better and at faster speeds.

Bengt Dalström, General Manager External Affairs / Public Relations, Toyota Sweden AB published a response:

‘Based on all the tests carried out during development, we are confident that the Toyota Hilux is a safe vehicle. As we understand, you have performed an evasive maneuver tests in your newspaper testing protocols on a series pickups, including the Toyota Hilux. You have informed us that the Toyota Hilux is not living up to your expectations. We were surprised by the test results, and we will take your assessment very seriously, just as we take the capacity for evasive maneuvers as serious in the development of our vehicles. Hilux has been repeatedly tested according to ISO 3888 standard for evasive action test during the development of the model and then have passed the tests successfully. Several technical parameters have an impact on the outcome of an evasive maneuver, so we want to better understand the exact parameters for your test.’

Nevertheless, if you’re a Hilux owner how does this make you feel? It is worth noting that the Toyota Hilux is sold in South Africa with traction control, airbags for all occupants and  maximum five-star ANCAP crash rating.


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