Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I have to register before I can shop? A. Yes, we need to know where to deliver your digital magazines to. Q. Can I change my password or email address once I’ve registered? A. Yes. Sign in, click on My Account and change your details under Personal Details. Q. How can I pay? A. At the moment we accept credit card and debit orders. EFT and other payment options will be available soon. Q. When will I receive my first issue? A. The moment your transaction is successful, the latest issue of your magazines will become available in your library. To read it, sign in and go to your library. Q. Can I request a refund on a single-issue purchase? A. No. We cannot refund magazines that have already been delivered. Q. Can I request a refund on a subscription? A. No, subscriptions are paid monthly and each issue is delivered as soon as it becomes available, which means it cannot be refunded. You can, however, cancel a subscription to stop further deductions from your account. Q. On which devices will I be able read my digital magazines? A. You can read them on your computer with an online web reader or on your iPad or iPhone once you have downloaded the app from the Apple App Store. You can also read them on an Android device by first downloading the app from the Google Play store.


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