Porsche Cayman GTS tested

There was a time when fervent Porsche acolytes scorned the very sight of the Boxster/Cayman vehicle genus, regarding the pair more as the poor man’s alternatives to the 911 rather than bona fide pedigrees. Not anymore. Now in its second-generation, the Cayman has garnered a large following and revoked past perceptions, compliments of its precise handling and no-holds-barred approach to performance. To further stress Porsche’s faith in the Cayman moniker it’s now available for the first time as a Gran Turismo Sport or GTS, a badge reserved exclusively for the sportiest model in each range. So the Cayman you see here should, by all accounts, dish out the same sense of superlative poise and aggression to that of its GTS namesakes and rivals alike. A slithering, tree-lined Tarmac rollercoaster will provide the answer to just how good an all-round machine it is.