Tested: Mazda2 vs Ford Fiesta vs Renault Clio vs Opel Corsa


Downsized turbo engines are all the rage right now with every manufacturer from Ferrari and Porsche to Kia and BMW investing huge amounts of cash to develop eco-friendlier engines without sacrificing power. This new acumen doesn’t necessarily spell the end of driver enjoyment as we know it but rather paints a promising picture for enthusiasts due to the versatility this new ethos offers the buyer. Of all the markets it is the small car segment where things are heating up in terms of performance, efficiency and value for money so we’ve gathered a string of B-segment staples to put to the test. While the Opel Corsa, Renault Clio and Ford Fiesta each employ a three-pot turbo setup the all-new Mazda2 has thrown the proverbial spanner into the works by eschewing the downsizing route of its rivals in favour of an all-new naturally aspirated four-cylinder powertrain optionally matched with an equally new six-speed automatic. To ascertain whether a downsized turbo engine really is more effective than a four-cylinder we took these little mites on a 330km road trip.


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