Volkswagen Polo recall: are you affected?

Volkswagen has issued a recall for its 2015 Polo hatchback over a potential problem with the 1.2-litre TSI four-cylinder petrol engine.

The engine recall relates to a potential weakness with the camshaft adjuster pulley which may break, resulting in oil loss, damage to engine internals and a stalled engine, resulting in the car becoming immobile.

Thankfully the recall is limited to Australia only and does not affect South African 1.2TSI Polos available in 81kW/175Nm tune and imported from Germany for the local market.

The press release from Volkswagen Australia states a total of 2708 vehicles from 2015 model-year production are affected in total, saying it’s ‘only the 1.2-litre TSI engines that are affected by the campaign and it’s a repair job rather than a full engine replacement,’ according to VW Australia’s general manager Karl Gheling.

In March 2015 the VW Polo and Polo Sedan retailed 1903 units, placing it second on SA’s new car sales hit parade behind only the Polo Vivo and Polo Vivo Sedan which sold 2837 units.


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