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As we bid farewell to the first quarter of 2015 we wrestle with the biggest conundrum in motoring: Merc-AMG C63 vs BMW M3. This Teutonic battle heads up our May 2015 issue but the rest is jam packed with first drives, road tests and features to keep you hooked will into the second quarter.

Agenda: Page 8

Bentley brings us the stunning EXP 10 Speed 6 and restores our faith after the much reviled SUV. Plus we bring you the low-down on the future of three-cylinder engines, and hot hatches: are they the new supercars of the world?

Motorsport Agenda: Page 14

Six race series to follow in 2015. Because there’s more to motorsport than F1

First drive: Page 28

The Swedes hope to strike a blow into the heart of the X5, ML and Q7 territory. Is the XC90 battle-ready? In addition to that we have a massive collection of first drives: the baby AMG, the Merc C450, Opel Mokka, Mazda2, BMW i3 and Peugeot 308

Road tests: Page 56

True to form, the new TT continues to push design boundaries and comes ladled with more tech than a NASA space orbiter. But are there hidden dynamic depths to its MQB underpinnings? Plus we road test the latest Lexus NX, BMW 218i Active Tourer, Honda Jazz and Renault Megane RS Lux

Cover feature: Page 62

A V8-powered sports saloon baed on the best C-Class ever surely gives Mercedes its best shot at dethroning BMW’s legend. We shall see in our head-to-head cover feature… 

Exclusive first drive: Page 94

911 Carrera power, road-racer chassis, bargain price – on paper the Porsche Cayman GT4 has it all. Has 2015 already found its sports car of the year?

Emory Porsche – classics reborn: Page 102

Hardcore Porsche restorers used to call Rod Emory’s re-imagined 356s ‘outlaws’. Now everybody wants one. In LA, we find out why

Also featured this month:

SA circuits, long term car updates, driving gadgets, car sales and tech know.


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