Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

Porsche is going big with its latest new diesel engine fitted to the Cayenne. A twin-turbo 4.2-litre V8 will sit up front and push out 285kW and a tarmac bludgeoning 850Nm of torque.

With that super diesel in the Cayenne, it will sprint to 100kph in 5.7 seconds but will still return 8.4l/100km and emit just 218g/km of CO2.


To add some sportiness to the diesel model, Porsche have given it PTM (Porsche Traction Management) all-wheel drive. The system means the Cayenne will behave like a rear-wheel drive car right up until the point where you need the front wheels to stabilise or aid in traction.

Also equipped with a 100km tank, the Cayenne should be able to make close to 1200km on a single tank. The new Cayenne S Diesel will be on sale from early next year.


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