One Ton of Racing

What’s this – a new professional racing series for South Africa featuring utility trucks exclusively? This should work. We’re a bakkie nation after all?

In fairness, 1-Ton Racing uses a principle long established at NASCAR, trading only oval tracks for our local winding circuits and giving the racing mini-trucks a very local identity – that’s a Toyota Hilux under that lurid yellow paint job. It’s cheap too – at R188 500 for a complete rolling race truck chassis and in lieu of prize money anywhere from R20 000 to R70 000 depending on which step of the podium you end up on – 1-Ton Racing is set to be a low cost, high reward form of motor sport. And that is fantastic news for bakkie loving, race mad South Africans.

To found out more about this high octane initiative, 1-Ton Racing has just launched its web site – have a look.