One-off Ferrari F12 unveiled

Ferrari-F12-tour-de-france (1)

Ferrari has taken the covers off an exclusive one-off version of the F12berlinetta at the Brussels motor show. It’s called the Tour de France 64 and it is a loving tribute to the Ferrari 250 GTO which drove to victory in a road race of the same name 51 years ago at the hands of Lucien Bianchi and Georges Berger.

The car comes courtesy of Ferrari’s ‘tailor made’ division, and the custom F12berlinetta features a special shade of silver paint called ‘Argento Auteil’, accented by a distinctive yellow cross-stripe. The exterior might not be radical to look at but many interior updates like body-colored aluminium trim with yellow accents, a black leather dashboard, and seats upholstered in vintage Mahagoni leather upholstery make for a seriously plush cabin.

Beneath the silver metal Ferrari hasn’t tinkered with the mammoth V12, so the Tour de France 64 is powered by the same naturally-aspirated 6.3-litre engine that makes 544kW and 690Nm. The sprint from zero to 100kph takes 3.1sec and the top speed is still 340kph. How much of a premium will the Tour de France 64 command over an F12? Time will tell, but money-no-object Ferrari fans aren’t scared to shell-out for something bespoke and exclusive.


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