Next Mercedes E-Class interior revealed

Step inside the new 2016 Mercedes Benz E-Class and it’s hard to tell whether you’re sitting in a motor show concept or a smaller version of the S-Class limousine – that was the goal of the new E’s interior.Headline features include a huge, floating widescreen-display and more LED lights than ever before. Six new features on the E include a futuristic, multi-layered dashboard: the E’s dash wraps around from door to door and frames the new widescreen display, which is backlit by LED strips to give a modernist, floating effect.There are no traditional bulbs used in the interior at all and the LED ambient lighting can be customised with a choice of 64 colours. Pick the optional Burmester 3D stereo and its front door tweeters and roof speakers are also ringed with light.

Four central air vents like you get on an S-Class lead down into the centre console, which flows into the armrest. The open-pore wood and metal-woven fabric used wouldn’t look out of place on a luxury yacht, plus there’s a choice of two-tone coverings for the dashboard.While the standard car makes do with two round dials, the dual-screen display is a box worth ticking. The look of the dials can be customised between Classic, Sport and intriguing Progressive schemes. Cool features on the central display include a sat-nav map that shows the nearest fuel stations, plus the current price of whichever fuel you need.

Instead of jabbing madly at the massive screen you use two steering-wheel mounted thumbpads to pilot the various menus by swiping left and right, and up and down. It’s a really intuitive system after just a few minutes’ use.The new 2016 E-Class’s seat design takes its cue from the fashion world, and a thinner construction means you get three inches more knee room in the back, according to Mercedes. Avantgarde line cars are specially contoured for better lateral support, and sportier still are the AMG chairs which get deeper side bolsters and a wider shoulder section. The new E-Class saloon will be shown in full at the 2016 Detroit auto show.


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