Ferrari reveals 70-year anniversary models at Paris

2017 marks Ferrari’s 70th anniversary, and there are a few party plans a foot. The LaFerrari Aperta we showed you earlier is one of them but it is not the only celebratory car; a few other Prancing Horses will get to wear a special new 70 years badge as Ferrari announces 350 bespoke Tailor Made editions.

To this end Ferrari has chosen 70 liveries from its historic back catalogue to be represented on these new models – with one example of each livery available on each of the five cars in the current mainstream Ferrari range. This makes every individual car unique, as no matter the livery there will only be one 488 GTB, one F12, one California T, and so on…

First there is ‘The Green Jewel.’ Displayed here as a 488 Spider, this has the bright metallic green paintwork of the David Piper Racing 365 P2, which won at the nine hours of Kyalami in 1965 and 1966.

‘The Stirling’ is represented by an F12berlinetta – inspired by the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB that Moss drove to victory in the 1961 Tourist Trophy, this features Blu Scuro paint with horizontal white stripe and number roundel.

‘The Schumacher’ is a 488 GTB, above, which is in homage to the 2003 World Championship-winning F2003-GA Formula One car. This features white over red exterior detailing and an interior complete with yellow paddleshifters. The Ferrari crests on the front wings are painted on, rather than stickers.

Ferrari isn’t saying what the premium is over the equivalent standard model, but it doesn’t really matter because all 350 of the special editions have already been sold.


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