Detroit 2016: A-Z of all the new cars

Audi A4

We’ve already seen and driven the new Audi A4 but it’s now getting its North American debut.


The twin-turbocharged BMW coupe gets its first public outing at the Detroit motor show.

Ford Fusion

No Focus RS just yet, only mild updates are expected for the US-market Fusion, which could preview future styling changes for European models.

Honda Ridgeline

Honda’s all-new mid-sized pick-up will make its world debut at the Detroit motor show.

(Hyundai) Genesis Q90

This large saloon is the first car to be launched under Hyundai’s new ‘Genesis’ luxury sub-brand.

Kia KCD12

The new Kia concept, shown in the teaser, will preview the styling of a large luxury SUV which, if it proves popular, could go into production.

Lexus LF-LC

The hybrid Lexus sports coupe has been around in concept form since 2012, but a production version is rumoured to make an appearance at Detroit.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Merc’s own leaked shots have already revealed the new E-Class in full, but we’ll get all the technical details when the car’s officially launched in Detroit.

Mini Convertible

The F57-generation Mini Convertible was unveiled at the Tokyo motor show in 2015, but it’s getting another outing ahead of its local debut.

Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche will be rolling out a series of updates to its ‘true’ turbocharged 911, including a 20bhp hike in power.

Volvo S90

We’ll get another look at Volvo’s new luxury saloon at the Detroit motor show. V90 estate expected at Geneva in February.


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