2016 Most wanted: the 10 others we look forward to

Fiat 124

If this doesn’t float your barchetta, check your pulse. To the charm, rwd chassis delicacy and reliability of Mazda’s roadster, Fiat adds new front and rear ends plus turbocharged 1.4-litre power and a name that’s been evoking passions for half a century.

Volkswagen Tiguan

The new, second-generation Tiguan switches to Wolfsburg’s MQB architecture – the same oily bits as Golf 7 – and this brings a wealth of tech such as pedestrian detection, as well as more flexible packaging. 4motion all-wheel drive system now boasts a switch to let driver toggle between on- and off-road functions.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Petrolheads hold their collective breath as we wait to see if this handsome saloon is, finally, the Alfa to shake us from our 3 Series, C-Class and A4s. Rear-driven, with an engine range led by a snorting V6, and laced with lightweight tech, it has the weapons. We’ll know soon enough.

Toyota Fortuner

The all-new Toyota Fortuner rides a modified version of the new Hilux’s underpinnings, a bakkie famous for being virtually indestructible. Sharp headlights, chrome accents, a V-shaped grille and radical new rear end help the Fortuner stand out from not only its utilitarian siblings buts its adversaries too.

Audi TT RS

Bursting out its cutesy coupe suit like a frustrated superhero, this rabid TT ekes 298kW from its characterful 2.5-litre turbo five, putting the Carrera S into sharp focus for less spend. Okay it lacks the Porsche’s rear-engined magic but its techy cabin is simple sensational. Can Audi’s chassis live up to it? Expected to take style pointers from the 2014 TT quattro concept.

Maserati Levante

Swoopy roofline and tiny boot may make Italy’s entry one of the least useful in the global SUV contest, but it should have enough style to make Bentayga look like a shoebox. Wisely not borrowing sister brand Jeep’s Cherokee platform, Masser sticks with Ghibli chassis – and V6 engines.

Bentley Bentayga

Okay, to say we’re looking forward to it is stretching things, but the world’s fastest and most opulent SUV is unignorable. W12-powered, 2.4 tonnes and looks to scare its own mother, it’s the loudest statement yet in the age of China-chasing. Will be the auto event of the year… there.

Hyundai ix25

The Creta (a.k.a. ix25) is Hyundai’s attempt to challenge the Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport, a segment its left untapped until now. Built in India the vehicle employs the company’s updated design riffs to max effect. Expected early 2016.


0-100kph in 3.8sec, titanium exhaust, no rear seats, 700 limited edition. And it looks like the MotoGP safety car. Turns reality, water-injection and all, leaving us camped on a Munich pavement till next March.

Ford Edge

Americans have been living on the Edge since 2006, and now, with an all-new model ready to roll, its our turn. Based on a platform shared with Fusion and co. we’re hoping the Edge will mix Kuga civility with a cheeky dose of US chunkiness to which we’re all a little susceptible.


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