Boss leaves 2014 F1 track Red Bull-Ring

Worrying news emerged from the Austrian Grand Prix project on Wednesday – Walter Kafitz has left the Red Bull-Ring. The former Nürburgring chief came on board early last year, and was believed instrumental in the rebuilt and now Red Bull-owned circuit’s return to the F1 calendar for 2014.

But Kleine Zeitung newspaper reports that Kafitz, 62, has left ‘with immediate effect’. The news was reportedly confirmed by the company. The Austrian report insisted, however, that ‘Preparations for the Formula One race are not affected’.

Kafitz was earlier caught up in the Nürburgring’s calamitous financial situation, but Kleine Zeitung said that is not the reason for his departure in Austria. But ‘Red Bull gave no information, nor on his succession,’ said the report. Kafitz did not comment.