Porsche Cayman GT4 driven

What really stirs the souls of Porsche enthusiasts is the classic combination of two letters and one number. Like GT1, the most awesome/fearsome 911 ever conceived in Stuttgart. Or GT2, the most potent rear-wheel-drive iteration of the breed. Then of course there are the GT3 in essence, a hot and super-hot street-legal track machine. The latest addition to the wild and wonderful GT family is the Cayman GT4. Like its GT siblings this is a pure performer, not a puerile poseur. Developed by Jörg Jünger, senior GT4 project manager within Andreas Preuninger’s recently installed, 100-strong Porsche GT road-car division, this very special Cayman is a thinly disguised circuit weapon. The basic silhouette may be familiar but the numerous GT-specific bolt-ons make it crystal clear, even at a glance, that this coupe means business. Indeed, its only understated facet is its price tag. The GT4 undercuts its in-house rival, the 911 GTS, by a considerable margin.

When Porsche released the 911 GT3 last year, traditionalists frowned at the spec sheet. A GT3 with electric steering, an automatic transmission and all the mod cons? We now know that this mix works much better than expected, but the most desirable 911 doesn’t make the more old-school Cayman GT4 any less attractive. After all, this model has dived deep into the GT3 parts pool, retrieving such items as the front axle and suspension, wheel bearings, ball-joint mounts, shock absorbers, steering, front tyres and optional carbon-ceramic brakes.

When you climb behind the wheel the optional lightweight bucket seats will if you’ve had the pleasure likely remind you of the 918. The remainder of the cabin is pure Cayman; clearly legible instruments but a crowded centre stack, no assistance systems, no head-up display and no PDK transmission. The only available gearbox is a six-speed manual. Clearly, this is a car with focus. Or as Preuninger puts it: The GT4 provides maximum driving pleasure, total involvement and riveting performance. To us, it is simply a highly desirable sports car. But don’t let this make you think that every Tom, Dick, and Harry can hop in and take it to the limit.


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