Durban Motor Show Returns to Seduce the City

Since temporarily closing doors in 2008, the Durban Motor Show has taken a step back and watched the City of Durban reinvent herself. With the 2010 FIFA World Cup and COP 17 under her belt, and Africa’s Olympic dream in sight – Durban has become South Africa’s unassuming cool kid, with some serious street cred to boot.

Now is the perfect opportunity to open the doors again to one of the country’s longest-standing motor shows. “We’ve taken the time to re-think what an event like this means to the city” said Andy King, Director of Conker Exhibitions, event organiser of the Durban Motor Show. “You only need to look around and you’ll see a revamped Ford Mustang Classic parked up alongside a Lamborghini Aventador with a bunch of kids on skateboards drooling over them. This city is creating a whole new sub-culture for motoring which is very exciting.”

Revamped and revitalised, the Durban Motor Show’s festival atmosphere will appeal to young adults, families, and the loyal motor enthusiasts who have supported the show all these years. This year’s agenda includes urban entertainment, music and crowd-pleaser car reveals and quirky motor experiences – Durban Motor Show 2012 will be the hallmark of all motor event comebacks.

Three-day ticket passes will drive visitors across all festival days, and with event memorabilia on sale – we want fans, not just footfall! Conference facilities will also play host to industry execs annual meetings.


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